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Zavod za turizem TRG Vipava


Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Dvorec Zemono Zemono 7 5271 Vipava T: +386 (0)5 368 70 07 Ponedeljek/mon: zaprto / closed Torek/tue: zaprto / closed Sreda/wed: 17.00 - 22.00 Četrtek/thur: 17.00 - 22.00 Petek/fri: 12.00 - 22.00 Sobota/sat: 12.00 - 22.00 Nedelja/sun: 12.00 -18.00 Obvezna predhodna rezervacija. Prior booking required. MAJERIJA Slap 18 5271 Vipava T: +386 (0)41 405 903 Poletni urnik/ Summer schedule (1. maj - 30. september): Pon/mon - Tor/Tue predhodnem naročilu, z najmanj 1.000 € konzumacije/ By prior arrangement, minimum consumption: 1000€. Sre/Wed 18.00 - 22.00 (17.7. - 30.9.2027) Čet/ Thu & Pet/Fri & sob/Sat 12.00-15.00 (zadnje naročilo do 14:00 / last order by 14:00) 18.00-22.00 (zadnje naročilo do 20:00 / last order by 20:00) Nedelja/sun: 12.00-17.00 (zadnje naročilo do 14:00 / last order by 14:00 Zaprto/Closed: 1. 7. 2024 - 16. 7. 2024 KRHNE Glavni trg 5 5271 Vipava T: +386 (0)5
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Discover Vipava by learning about Vipava's knights
We represent to you an exploration walk on the path on Vipava's knights. This walk is appropriate for children and families, so they can get to know Vipava and it's knights in a more intersting and interactive way. You begin your walk in TIC Vipava, where you get a brochure with a map and a pencil. At different places around Vipava's attractions you then learn about the knights of Vipava. With help that you get from qr codes you can learn about life of each knight and at the same time you collect footprints (letters, you discover with paper and pencil - like a stamp or relief print, by coloring), so you can then solve a puzzle. Happy searching!
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Summer in Vipava Who When Where Price Details Info. and login Get to know Vipava. Guide tour around Vipava Tourism Institute TRG Vpiva,local tourist guide Wednesday at 17:00 (July and August) Meeting point: Glavni trg 8, 5271 Vipava- Lanthieri mansion 5€ per person Tour of cultural and natural sights under the guidance of a local guide T:+386 051 215 226 The luxury you experience on hors back. Guided trail riding. Ranč Tunink By arrangement Ranč Tunink- Podbreg 11a, Podnanos 25€-30€ per person Relaxation in the company of horses, riding in a quiet environment, exploring the natural and cultural sights of the Vipava Valley and the Nanoška Plateau. Suitable for children, families and experienced riders T:+386 041 294 395 E: Olive oil and oliv tasting in olive oil. PILAT-Lucija and Igor Petrič By arrangement Gradišče pri Vipavi 29a, 5271 Vipava Free tasting.
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Main square in Vipava
Dear all. We would like to inform you that the Main Square in Vipava is still under construction. Although the construction works are nearing completion, we kindly ask everyone to behave accordingly to the current situation. Your patience and understanding are crucial in creating a well-organized and beautiful environment in our town. Thank you for your understanding!
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TRUFFLE HUNTING and culinary experience
Join us for an exhilarating truffle hunting adventure in Vipava Valley. Accompanied by our playful dogs, you'll explore the underground world of funghi, discovering precious truffle treasures. You will not be a simple spectator, but if you wish, you can be a protagonist of this amazing experience. After the hunt, treat yourself to a culinary delight, savoring truffle-infused local dishes and wines. MORE ABOUT EXPERIENCE TRUFFLE HUNTING Location: Vipava Valley Duration: approx. 1 to 1.5 hours *Gear: comfortable attire, athletic shoes or hiking boots. *Difficulty level: Easy, gentle slopes and slight inclines, suitable for all ages. TRUFFLE HUNTING & CULINARY EXPERIENCE Location: Vipava Valley Duration: approx. 3 to 3.5 hours Truffle tasting: 3 or 5 course menu *We also offer customized multi-course dining experiences. Ask for more. * Local food, wines, and fresh truffles ABOUT US We are a passionate team in love with truffles and nature. We offer y
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Are you ready to try a glass of local wine? Vipava valley winemakers are opening their wine cellar doors again this year. You are invited to wine tasting between June and August of 2022. Click on the links to see the diverse offers of wine cellars and choose the right one for you. A list of wine cellars, where you need to prior arrange the tasting, on the link. A list of wine cellars, where you don't need to prior arrange the tasting, on the link. Tripadvisor recommended wine cellars, on the link. Check out working hours of restaurants in Vipava municipality here.
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Battle of the Frigidus
The battle between the armies of Roman Emperor Theodosius and usurper Eugenius on 5 and 6 September 394 in the upper Vipava Valley the only event of global historical significance in the entire ancient history of the area. Speaking of its great importance is the large number of mentions in ancient and medieval literature. While a single record sheds light on most of events in military and political history, or by two to three at the most, one comes across a description or at least a mention of the Battle of the Frigidus in most historians of late antiquity who describe the era of Emperor Theodosius. Their descriptions serve as basis for presentations of this event by Byzantine and Western Medieval writers of chronicles and church histories. Despite the large number of reports, a reconstruction of the event that would critically take into account all ancient records on the one hand, and the geographical and strategic characteristics of the battle site on the other, is an exceptionally c
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Roženek Mansion / Šivic Mansion / Zajec Mansion - Podnanos
ROŽENEK MANSION It stands in the hamlet of Podbrje, south-west of Podnanos, on a terrace above the road leading from Podnanos to Podraga. According to Valvasor, the Roženek building complex was built by Janez Anton Rossetti (who died in 1670), the founder of the Notranjska and Gorizia branches of this family from Bergamo. During the Second World War, the residential building burned down, after which it was only partially restored. The image of the buildings preserved on Valvasor's print differs slightly from that of today, as the complex has undergone several alterations. The buildings are arranged around the inner courtyard. The northern wing features a residential building that once had two entrances: one faced the nearby church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, and the other faced the lawn in front of the building. The inner courtyard has a preserved series of five arcades on the eastern side on the ground floor, while the arcades on the ground floor and first floor of the northern re
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Gradišče pri Vipavi
Gradišče pri Vipavi is a beautiful Primorska village, situated below the steep slopes of the Nanoška Plateau in the upper Vipava Valley. Gradišče pri Vipavi is mentioned as a prehistoric settlement on the Zatrepo hill above the village as early as the Hallstatt period, a period of the older Iron Age, which lasted up to 300 years before Christ on Slovenian territory. The route to Gradišče is very simple; drive two kilometres from Vipava to the car park at the top of the village (240 m), from where the best starting point is for a trip to Gradiška Tura (761 m) and Plaz (529 m), either by the harder climbing route or the easier route. Past the church of St Nicholas, one of the many paths leads to Vojkova hut on Nanos (1240 m). In the precipitous cliffs of Gradiška Tura there is also a famous climbing area for free climbers (196 climbing routes).
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Manče is a small, tightly built village in the Upper Vipava Valley, located by the road that connects the Vipava Valley with Štanjel. It consists of 3 settlements: Na Jagni, Furlanov konec and Spodnji konec. In the plain by the stream Močilnik, villagers cultivate their fields and meadows. In the south they grow vines. ACCESS: The village has an excellent location; only 3 km away from Vipava, 10 from Ajdovščina and 10 from Štanjel.
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Church of St. Stephen in Vipava
The parish church of St. Stephen dates between 1460 and 1465. It is an exceptional type of building, as it features a rectangular nave and a long two-bay choir walled on five of eight sides, surrounded by five two-arched buttresses. Preserved from the original medieval church from around 1460-65 are the presbytery and parts of the nave walls. The church was built almost completely anew in 1556 (as stated on the side portals). An independent tower, visible in Valvasor's depiction of Vipava from 1679, was probably built at that time on its south-western side. It was modified into a bell tower in the 18th century and topped with an onion dome. What points to its defensive function in the 16th century is the sloping fortified base, similar to the defensive towers of the surrounding manor houses at the time. The church was extended to the west between 1679 and 1750, so now it touches bell tower; it was also renovated in the Baroque style at that time. The presbytery is fully covered in fr
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The village Podraga is located at the foot of Vipava hills, 186 meters above the sea. ACCESS: Alongside the slope of Mt Nanos, the road winds from Razdrto toward Vipava. We drive through the first village, Podnanos, then turn left and just 2 kms off the main road we reach Podraga. SIGHTS: In Podraga there are 3 churches: the main one is the Church of St. Mohor and St. Fortuna. The Church of St. Urban, built in the 18th century, is situated 1 km out of the village, in the direction of Vipava. High above Podraga, in a lonely location 556 metres above the sea, there is the Church of Servul (also Sencirbo). This church is a popular walking spot for local people and other visitors as well.
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The idyllic upper Vipava house, hidden among vineyards and orchards of Vipava valley, offers simple traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch. The food is prepared from natural ingredients which ensure succulent treats. The offer follows the seasons. In spring and summer months, seasonal ingredients give the cuisine a Mediterranean orientation, while in autumn and winter you can smell Central Europe with traditional Austro-Hungarian cuisine. In the main room you shall be seated behind a rustic oak wood table. You shall be served with specialities such as duck pâté with quickly roasted figs and summer herbs or home-made ravioli, filled with piglet filling seasoned with tomato sauce and fried peppermint. The unique offer of dishes is accompanied by a personal selection of the best Vipava region wines. In the winter, indulge yourself in pleasant chatter with your friends in a relaxing ambience, while in the summer, grant yourself some refreshment after a tiresome working
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Camp Tura
Sports and recreation centre and campsite To get to Camping Tura, turn towards Gradišče in Vipava and follow the 1.6 km long asphalted road. Camp Tura is located below the natural climbing wall Gradiška tura, in an unspoilt Natura 2000 area. You will be amazed by the beautiful view of the upper Vipava Valley. You will find yourself in a peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you will enjoy relaxation and various sports activities. It is available to guests: 10 spaces for caravans 30 tent pitches 2 tennis courts with artificial grass 4 lane bowling green beach volleyball court basketball court handball court small football pitch children's playgrounds artificial climbing wall electric and regular bike rent.
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Vojkova hut on Nanosu
Vojkova koča na Nanosu (1240m) is a mountain lodge below the top of Pleša (1262m) on the high Kras plateau of Nanos. It was opened in 1949 and is named after the national hero Janko Premrl-Vojko (1920 -1943).
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Camp Vrhpolje
Not far away from Vipava is the pleasant village of Vrhpolje. The land of Vrhpolje was marked as early as Roman times. In 394, a battle between the Roman emperor Theodosius and the rebel Eugene is said to have taken place on the field against Duplje and Zemono. According to historical sources, the outcome was influenced by the bora, which turned arrows in favor of Theodosius into Eugene's soldiers. Now the village is known for renowned winemakers and excellent wines, which are connected by the Vipava Wine Road. The village of Vrhpolje is an excellent starting point from where we can go to nature. From here we can climb the Nanos plateau, which is a real paradise for cycling and hiking lovers. Near the village there is a climbing wall in the gorge of the Bela stream, which attracts many domestic and foreign climbers. For visitors who want to stay in Vrhpolje and the Vipava Valley for a longer period of time, Poulet's camp is now available, located in the immediate vicinity of the Church
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Not so far from Vipava, in a pleasant coastal village next to the famous Gradiška Tura climbing area, there is the Ferjančič farm. The farm is already well known for organizing the traditional Osmica twice a year (in April and November). At that time, the events are especially varied. The osmica will take place after the announced date from 13 May to 22 May 2022. At the osmica, visitors can enjoy home-made delicacies such as various cold cuts with prosciutto and cheese, Vipava jota, cabbage, meats, and excellent home-made štruklji. The farm is also engaged in winemaking. White wines offer rebula, pinela and sauvignon, while red wines offer cabernet sauvignon, refošk and merlot. The Ferjančič family also offers its visitors the possibility of accommodation in two rooms. 1st bedroom: 3 beds 2nd room: double room with extra bed Each room has a TV, shower and toilet and share rooms.
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EKO hut Nanos - parking for caravans
They offer 7 places for caravan parking. Please contact the property for more information.
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Vipava is a real treasure trove of unspoiled nature and rich cultural heritage.
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